The UK Network of Mindfulness-Basted Teacher Training Organisations

Root Definition

Represents the leading MBA teacher training organisations in the UK to support and develop good practice and integrity in the delivery of MBA courses.


MBA teacher training organisations
MBA teachers


MBA teacher training organisations


Transforms best practice into guidance.
Transforms trained teachers into ratified teachers.


MBA teaching needs to be of a high standard, and this requires cooperation and collaboration among the leading teacher training organisations.


The leading MBA teacher-training organisations.


MBA teachers
Media, who provide the majority of publicity
Government bodies, where mindfulness is being considered or adopted (e.g. NHS).
Financial climate, that limits funding.

Relavent Subsystems

Teacher training organisations, including universities.

Contribution to the problem situation

There is no record-keeping and data management guidance available.
There is not agreed classification of MBA programmes.
The focus is on delivery of full 8 week MBA courses, leaving out some important elements of delivery of mindfulness (e.g. in the workplace).