Academic MBA departments (Aberdeen, Bangor, Essex, Oxford, Salford, Sussex)

Root Definition

Provide formal education with qualifications on MBA approaches and undertake research in MBA approaches, to develop the knowledge and skills in MBA approaches


MBA students
Research organisations.
MBA user community


Research funding organisations
University funding organisations


Transforms students into qualified MBA teachers.
Transforms MBA hypotheses into evidence-based theory.


MBAs have an evidence base that make them worthy of research and training


In each case, the hosting universities.


MBA teachers
University and research funding organisations
Media, who provide the majority of publicity
Financial climate, that limits funding.

Relavent Subsystems


Contribution to the problem situation

Record keeping and data management is not generally taught as part of the syllabus (though it may be an implicit component of some professional issues modules).
Researchers may have limited awareness of what data is available nationally.
Focus is mainly on full 8 week courses.