UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers

Root Definition

Provides a vetted list of MBA teachers who have met certain minimum criteria, in order to raise the quality of MBA teaching


MBA teachers
Commissioning organisations (e.g. NHS)
General public


Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations
Senior, experienced MBA teachers
General public


Transforms MBA teachers into certified MBA teachers.


MBAs have a growing demand that needs to be met in a professional way


UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations


MBA teachers
Commissioners of MBA courses
General public
Media, who provide the majority of publicity
Financial climate, that limits funding.

Relavent Subsystems


Contribution to the problem situation

Record keeping and data management is not considered in the certification, except where it is a component of professional guidelines.
The certification is limited to teachers of full 8 week courses based on MBSR/MBCT