Mindfulness Informed Programmes

Root Definition

Provides value for individuals by delivering a programme that includes some mindfulness training in order to help individuals achieve better health and wellbeing.




Therapists and teachers
Health care providers


Transforms people by increasing their knowledge and understanding of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is an element of many therapies and other training programmes, and is a contributory factor to the effectiveness of those programmes.


The ownership will vary, according to the individual type of programme.


The general interest in mindfulness is drawing some people to these programmes.

Relavent Subsystems

Individual programmes: ACT, DBT, etc

Contribution to the problem situation

The degree of mindfulness incorporated in such programmes can be variable, and the quality of the teaching of the mindfulness components are either unregulated or regulated through a different route to full mindfulness programmes. The recording of such programmes is likely to be different.