Root Definition

Provides facilities to undertake longer and more intense mindfulness practices, by providing controlled environments and guidance or teaching of mindfulness practices, in order to deepen individual experience of mindfulness.

There are many retreats offered, ranging from 1 day retreats to longer retreats (10 or more days). A retreat offers

  • Longer practices, often for several hours a day.
  • Periods of silence
  • A removal from normal daily activities - contact outside is discouraged except for emergencies
  • Sometimes some teaching on a key area

Many retreats are Buddhist or hosted in Buddhist centres, but there is a growing range of secular retreats emerging.


Citizens, often those with some mindfulness practice.


Education and training establishments.
Religious organisations.


Transforms people by increasing their knowledge and understanding of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is deepened by longer and more intense practice.


Retreats are owned by individual organisations


The general interest in mindfulness, and the growing number of mindfulness teachers, is driving up the interest in retreats.

Relavent Subsystems

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Contribution to the problem situation

Retreats are unregulated, and the content is often variable and unknown.