Root Definition

Provides improvements in the quality of mindfulness programmes, by providing training and education in mindfulness based approaches, in order to increase the availability of well-strained mindfulness teachers.

There are a number of teacher training courses emerging. As the demand for teachers grows, this area is likely to grow fast.

There are masters programmes at Bangor, Oxford, Exeter and Aberdeen.

Also there are a number of continuing professional development courses. Examples would be Teacher Training Retreats.


Mindfulness teachers, and those aspiring to be mindfulness teachers.


Education and training establishments.


Transforms those with some mindfulness experience into trained teachers.


Mindfulness can only be effectively taught by those with a deep personal experience of mindfulness and their effectiveness as trainers will be improved by formal training.


Teacher training programmes are owned by individual hosting organisations.


The general interest in mindfulness, and the growing number of mindfulness teachers, is driving up the interest in teacher training.

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Contribution to the problem situation

Retreats are unregulated, and the content is often variable and unknown.