The UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations Good Practice Guidelines provide guidance to teachers of mindfulness-based programmes, and trainers of teachers of mindfulness-based programmes.

Root Definition

Teachers and trainers of teachers are expected to adhere to minimum standards, which include recommendations on personal practice, training, continuing professional development, supervision, and ethical behaviour.


Teachers of Mindfulness-Based Programmes and trainers of teachers.


UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations, and their affiliated organisations.


Transforms mindfulness-based programmes to high quality programmes.


Mindfulness can only be taught effectively by teachers who have a strong personal mindfulness practice, who are committed to professional development, and who behave ethically.


The UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations


As mindfulness develops, the demand for professionals will grow. Appropriate standards are needed.

Relavent Subsystems

Training organisations.

Contribution to the problem situation

There are no guidelines on recording of mindfulness-based programmes or of participants.
There are no guidelines on sharing information about mindfulness-based programmes or participants.