Read 2 and CTV3

Root Definition

Read 2 and CTV3 are the vocabularies used by the GPs to record clinical and related information in a standardised form. These are antecedents to the SNOMED CT vocabulary, and the NHS strategy is to replace these with SNOMED CT.


NHS Providers and Commissioners
NHS IT systems providers


NHS agencies (NICE, Monitor, NHS England)
Clinical research organisations
Professional bodies
IT Systems providers


Enables the recording of clinical and clinically-related information in standardised, comparable terms.


Clinical recording in electronic systems must be consistent and comparable to enable effective recording of clinical findings and interventions, to enable research, to enable decision-support. A standard terminology, used consistently, is the way to achieve this. Such a terminology should be consistent internationally.




Clinical care is rapidly developing
IT systems often have bespoke terminologies that are not consistent with the Read 2 and CTV3


None relevent

Contribution to the problem

Read 2 and CTV3 do not have an adequate set of terms to represent MBPs