Root Definition

OPCS is the recommended vocabulary used by the NHS and its providers to provide summary data on clinical interventions in a standardised form. It includes the majority of health interventions used in the UK (e.g. CBT).


NHS Providers and Commissioners
NHS IT systems providers


NHS agencies (NICE, Monitor, NHS England)
Clinical research organisations
Professional bodies
IT Systems providers


Enables the recording of summary clinical and clinically-related information in standardised, comparable terms.


Clinical recording in electronic systems must be consistent and comparable to enable effective recording of clinical findings and interventions, to enable research, to enable decision-support. Standard vocabularies, used consistently, are the way to achieve this.


World Health Organisation (WHO)
HSCIC own the guidance for use in the UK.


Clinical care is rapidly developing
Much of the health recording in the UK in hospitals is still paper-based and transcribed into coded form manually.
WHO is developing a new classification ICD11 which will align with SNOMED CT.


None relevent

Contribution to the problem

Classifications are developed for statistical purposes. Though it does not appropriate to record mindfulness, it does record many of the diseases that mindfulness may be used to treat.