IAPT dataset

Root Definition

Provides the national data for
IAPT services used for a variety of purposes (commissioning, reporting, payments, etc), by collecting information from IAPT services on care delivered.


NHS Providers and Commissioners
NHS IT systems providers


NHS agencies (NICE, Monitor, NHS England)
NHS Providers and Commissioners
Professional bodies
IT Systems providers


Transforms data about IAPT care activity into information


National data is an essential part of the operation of the health and social care system, and to track IAPT services it is important to have accurate and comprehensive data




There is a great thirst for information about the running of care services.
Collecting accurate information is complicated and costly.


NHS Data Dictionary

Contribution to the problem

The national datasets use a variety of coding systems. Though there is a policy to migrate the coding to SNOMED CT, the actual datasets are in a mixture of codes.

An initial enquiry to the HSCIC has determined that mindfulness-based interventions are reported in the IAPT national dataset. However, the number of interventions are low and do not end up being included in the national publications. Mindfulness is coded in the dataset under the “IAPT psychological therapies”, which are described in the NHS data dictionary. The term used by the NHS data dictionary, and hence the IAPT dataset is "mindfulness". There appears to be no prescriptive guidance under which interventions are recorded under "mindfulness" and there are a number of other interventions where mindfulness may be part of that intervention, or there is the possibility that some coding of MBCT is done under CBT.