Standardisation Committee for Care Information

Root Definition

Provides approval of standards and collections, and strategic advice on such, for the health and social care sector, in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2012.


Government agencies with a need for information on the health and social care system and organisations that need data for commissioning health and social care services,
Health care organisations that need data to support treatment of patients.
Organisations that need data for research.


HSCIC, DH, CQC, Monitor, Public Health England, PRSB,


Transforms draft standards into formal standards for implementation in line with the Health and Social Care Act 2012


Information standards and collections are an essential component of a modern care delivery system, and an important way of facilitating interoperability of health and social care systems.


The Department of Health who provide funding via the HSCIC.


Care provider organisations, who often collect data in a variety of forms, to varying degrees of accuracy and using multiple and sometimes conflicting standards.
Regulatory bodies, particularly the Information Commissioner's Office.
Professional bodies, who have multiple needs no expectations regarding data.
Citizens and representative groups, particularly those with concerns about data use and privacy.
Government and governmental bodies, including parliamentary committees that scrutinise HSCIC.
National and international standards organisations, such as ISO, IHTSDO, WHO.

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Contribution to the problem situation.

SCCI has a legacy of standards and collections designed using multiple and sometimes incompatible approaches, particularly in the area of data collections and coding systems that support them.

The current data standards do not provide an adequate means for recording MBIs - for example MBCT is not recognised by any of the systems supplied by the HSCIC.
Only the IAPT dataset has a field for recording "Mindfulness" as a therapy type, which is vague. At present the number of records with this value are negligible.
The HSCIC collect data using multiple standards; therefore to update the collections it may be necessary to update multiple standards.
Some data standards may not be equivalent or compatible, making it difficult to combine data meaningfully.