Department Education

Root Definition

The government department that is responsible for publicly provided education in England

That includes:

Defining national curricula
Establishing educational organisations
Funding education
Monitoring quality and outcomes




Regulatory bodies (e.g. Ofsted, HEFCE)
Teachers, lecturers
Providers (Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc)
Professional bodies (Unions, etc)


Transforms funds into education activity.
Transforms data about educational activity into information, knowledge and insight into educational effectiveness.
Transforms knowledge and insight into plans for education development.


The education system as a whole is seen as an important national asset for maintaining the wellbeing of the population, with a strong emphasis on the development of skills for work.


The government on behalf of citizens. Though there is a significant private education infrastructure, the government also has a responsibility to regulate that infrastructure.


The media, who have a significant influence on the political agenda, and who are prone to develop agendas to promote or challenge established practice.
The public,
Professional bodies and unions

Relavent Subsystems

Department of Education, who are the main agent of government delivering education ervices

Professional bodies

Contribution to the problem situation

There is a strong emphasis on national data around academic achievement, and also some data around special educational needs. There is no data around needs that details particular interventions, though there is some data on mental health and social problems in schools.