To contribute to effective implementation and future R&D, the MBA teaching and research community need a strategy and plan to achieve improved information to support the development and implementation of MBAs. This chapter provides a first draft strategy and high level plan. Based on the research above, the following recommendations are made.

A Vision

Recommendation 1

All data that is ethically collected within the MBA community in the UK is made available for teachers and researchers in safe and effective ways that help maximise the effectiveness of MBAs by evidencing the benefit of MPBs to individuals and society as a whole, enabling better planning, improvements in quality, and widening the base of data for further research and development.

A Mission

Recommendation 2

A programme of work should be established within one year, under appropriate governance, to agree an information strategy and plan for MBAs, and develop a data collection implementation programme that shows benefits in line with the vision within three years.

Developing the MBA teaching and research community and representative organisations

The organisation of MBA teaching and research is evolving. A professional body for MBA teaching does not exist, and there is no immediate prospect of one. However, centres of excellence are established, and inter-organisational cooperation is developing. To develop record-keeping and data sharing, a consensus-based approach is necessary, to minimise unhelpful diversification and wasted effort, and to maximise the value of data. The recommendations below are intended to develop such an approach.

Interim Governance - Organising Expertise

Recommendation 3

An expert advisory group (EAG) for record keeping and data sharing should be established, representing the best understanding of MBA teaching and research in the UK, spanning all major forms of delivery of MBPs. Its remit should be to:

    In the absence of a professional body for MBA teaching and research, an appropriate host organisation will be needed. A provisional recommendation would be that this is the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations.

    Influencing the National Agendas

    Recommendation 4

    Where there are areas of impact, the EAG should seek ways of influencing areas of relevance. Based on the research above, this includes:


      Recommendation 5

      Where there are areas of common interest, the EAG should seek partnerships. Based on the research above, this includes:

        Developing and Enabling MBA teaching and research

        Recognising the emergent and fast developing nature of MBA teaching, and noting that there is an appetite for tools that assist in the delivery, alongside an aspiration for more consistency and better data sharing, the following are offered as ways of better enabling teachers and researchers.

        Guidelines and Standards for Record Keeping and Data Sharing

        Recommendation 6

        Comprehensive guidelines for record keeping and data sharing with appropriate supportive standards should be developed. These should be in a form that recognises the different delivery contexts (e.g. workplace and NHS). This includes:

              Professional Education

              Recommendation 7

              Education on the importance of record keeping, data management and data sharing should be developed. That should include courses for continuing professional development, and be incorporated in the education and training programmes of universities and other institutions delivering MBA training. The scope of this should include:

                Utilising Existing National Data

                Recommendation 8

                This research has identified a small number of national datasets that can be utilised, notably:

                  To maximise value of these, some improvements would be required and recommendations made on future dataset design:

                    A Database for MBAs

                    Recommendation 9

                    A universal dataset is unlikely to emerge from public infrastructure. To understand the effect of MBAs across multiple segments, and longitudinally, it is recommended that exploration of development of a national database is undertaken that:

                      Teaching Aids

                      Recommendation 10

                      There should be development of teaching aids to assist in the delivery of MBPs, that also facilitate collection of meaningful data. Such aids may include:

                        Developing an Ontology for MBAs

                        Understanding what is being delivered and its effectiveness requires a clear and agreed description of MBPs. A comprehensive ontology, based on the relationship between MBPs, and an understanding of the make-up of individual MBPs, would support this.

                        Relationships Between Mindfulness-Based Programmes

                        Recommendation 11

                        There should be a classification of MBPs, spanning all MBPs and including Mindfulness-Informed Programmes, that clearly describes:

                          Deconstructing Mindfulness-Based Programmes

                          Recommendation 12

                          There should be a clear way of deconstructing MBPs that allows for them to be described in a comparable form, and that could potentially be used to determine the effective components. That should include:

                                Improving National Infrastructure

                                National infrastructure is an important resource, and MBAs should be accurately and meaningfully represented in that infrastructure.

                                National Collections

                                Recommendation 13

                                All future national collections of relevance to MBAs should be uplifted to more accurately reflect MBAs. This should include:

                                  Research should continue to determine any other datasets of relevance.

                                  National Data Standards

                                  Recommendation 14

                                  The SNOMED CT terminology and related terminologies should be uplifted to reflect the diversity of MBPs, in line with the above ontology. This terminology should be considered for use outside of health, and underpin the proposed national database.

                                  Further modelling and research

                                  Recommendation 15

                                  This research was unable to provide a detailed analysis of MBAs in social care, the criminal justice service, and the workplace. Extending the analysis into these areas would support the development of record-keeping and data sharing standards and guidelines, and ensure that they meet the widest set of needs.

                                  Developing a Detailed Implementation Plan

                                  Recommendation 16

                                  Given the limited time and resource available to carry out this project, a fully costed and timetabled plan was not feasible. A first draft implementation plan is included in Appendix F, but much more will need to be done to develop consensus and to provide a realistic and comprehensive implementation plan. Some areas of research need to be progressed to further underpin the recommendations, and these too should be components of the implementation plan.

                                  Consulting with the community

                                  Recommendation 17

                                  This research has been limited by resource and time. Therefore the recommendations above need to be ratified and consulted upon fully. It is therefore recommended that if a refined strategy and plan is developed and agreed, that before adoption there is a wide consultation concerning its contents and acceptability.